Avanthills Laser Skin Pigmentation Removal

Skin Pigmentation can affect many people, with varying severity. Whilst skin pigmentation can occur from birth, it can also occur due to an accumulation of melanocytes: which are skin cells containing excessive melanin content.  Skin pigmentation is most commonly found on the hands, face, and neck, but can also be apparent on the arms legs or trunk. All of which can be treated with a Laser. Avanthills uses a medical grade laser which works by using the principle of selective photothermolysis, a light-based treatment which precisely targets different chromophores in the skin. Chromophores selectively absorb the laser or light energy as heat and yield the desired response.

These optimal wavelengths of light clear pigmented lesions by targeting melanin. The damaged pigmented lesions are then cleared by the body. They undergo a mild desquamation (darkening) for approximately 7-10 days and slough off, removing the appearance of the lesion from the skin.

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